Monday, March 19, 2012


I just wanted to take a moment to share with all you people who keep telling me I'm talented. Here is the real truth, I'm not. Did you notice this little guy in my last post?

 That, my friends is my seam ripper (I call him Fred). Without him, none of my creations would have ever happened. If you knew how long it takes me to complete a project and how many times I have to take things apart and start over, you would not think I'm talented at all, patient and persistent perhaps, but talented not so much. 

All kidding aside, I got a new seam ripper a while back and I LOVE it! Trust me, if you are anything like me, this is an item that is worth spending a little extra money for and learning how to use. I feel that I should also note that they are very sharp. Since my daughter cut herself with my rotary cutter, I have been EXTRA careful with my sewing supplies.

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