Monday, February 20, 2012

Catie's Corner

Catie's Corner

I have decided that I really need to stop using Facebook so much. It has really started to take over my life and I'm really getting tired of all the drama it creates. One of the things I DO like about Facebook is that it gives me a place to show off all the things I make. I have decided to try making a new blog that is just for my creations.

I am calling this new blog Catie's Corner in honor of my dad. When I was born, my parents lived in a small two-bedroom apartment and already had 2 kids. My dad came up with the ingenious idea to make another room by turning a table upside-down and hanging curtains between the legs. This created a small "room" in the corner of the living room. He then made a small sign that read "Catie's Corner."

It wasn't long before my parents purchased their home and "Catie's Corner" was no longer needed. I really wish I still had that sign however...

When we purchased this home, I knew I was going to need a space for my sewing. I cleaned up a section of our basement and have christened it "Catie's Creative Corner." Please feel free to check it out on my new blog.

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